You may be able to claim tax deductions for work-related expenses incurred during performing your work as an employee.

These expenses may include:

  • Car expenses
  • Home office expenses (including internet & electricity)
  • Mobile phone & computer expenses
  • Uniform and/or protective clothing expenses (including laundry and/or dry cleaning)
  • Travel expenses (including meals & accommodation)
  • Work-related education expenses
  • Donations to registered charities
  • Tax agent fees
  • Interest deductions for income-producing investments
  • And many others

Some of these small deductions can increase your tax refund by hundreds of dollars.

Record-keeping requirements –┬áIf the total amount of deductions claimed exceed $300, you must be able to substantiate your claims with written evidence (e.g. receipts, bank statements, etc.)

To be able to claim a tax deduction, you must follow some basic rules:

  • The expense must have been directly related to earning your income
  • If the expense was partly private in nature, you must only claim the work-related portion of the expense
  • You must have spent the money
  • You were not reimbursed by your employer
  • You must have a record or written evidence to prove it

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